General Maintenance

We are an approved general maintenance and technical works company
We specialize in solving all home problems
In addition to the availability of many services such as business
Dye, paints, decoration and roofing installation
Outstanding for ceiling and gypsum board and we have specialists
To renew bathrooms, brick and plaster works
And the installation of ceramics and interlocking and the installation of parquet
And we have many other maintenance services
Implemented by the best experts

Scope of our services: 

1. Paint and decoration: Our skilled specialists are equipped to transform your living spaces with a new coat of paint. Whether you need a complete repaint or just a touch, we guarantee you impeccable results. In addition, our décor services add a touch of elegance to your home. 

2. Suspended ceilings: Enhance the aesthetic appearance of your rooms with our expert installation of suspended ceilings. With precision and attention to detail, we create a smooth and modern look while providing functional benefits such as noise reduction and insulation.

 3. Installation of single panels and gypsum: Our team specializes in the installation and customization of single panels and gypsum boards. From partition walls to false ceilings, we guarantee strong and visually appealing structures that meet your specific requirements. 

4. Ceramic renovation: do ceramic floors lose their shine? Our specialists have the knowledge and experience to revitalize your ceramic surfaces, making them look as good as new. With our precise ceramic refurbishment techniques, your floors and walls will regain their original luster. 

5. Interlocking and parquet installation: We pride ourselves on offering exceptional craftsmanship when it comes to interlocking and parquet installation. Our experts place interlocking tiles and laminate floors with extreme precision, ensuring durability, aesthetic appeal and perfect finish. 

6. Other maintenance services: Clear Horizon offers a wide range of additional maintenance services performed by our best experts. From plumbing and electrical repairs to carpentry work and general skilled worker, we've got you covered for all your home maintenance needs.

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