Complete interior cleaning of the house

Features of apartment cleaning service

Clear Horizon Cleaning Services is a leading company in this field, so when you choose our company, you will enjoy many advantages that you will not find when any apartment cleaning company and these features include:

  • Quality of service: In our service of high quality because we do not include us except trained workers at the highest level.

  • Punctuality: We are distinguished by the accuracy of the dates that we agree on, so there is no need for any worries.

  • Safety and Trust: You are guaranteed complete safety and honesty by all the staff of Clear Horizon Cleaning Services.  

    Cleaning Process Steps

    When you contact us and deal with us on the specified date, our company does the following:

    • We send a suitable number of workers to your home, equipped with the best tools and equipment that facilitate the cleaning process next to all the cleaning, disinfection and sterilization materials for the service, so you will not worry about bringing any equipment or cleaning materials.

    • Home cleaning services include living room furniture polishing, floor wiping, window and glass polishing, carpet cleaning, curtain cleaning and furniture arrangement.

    • Glass cleaning, cleaning and polishing all floors

    • Ironing and laundry can also be dealed within the program.

    • As for the bedrooms, they will be tidy, polished, vacuumed, wiped, cleaning and arranging the garbage cans, arranging their belongings, arranging clothes, as well as in the children's rooms, arranging toys and children's desk.

    • As for cleaning the bathroom, we clean and polish its mirrors, wash the basins and bathtubs, wipe and sterilize it, in addition to washing and polishing ceramics.

    • We take several steps to clean the kitchen first, washing the sinks and marble, polishing and cleaning the kitchen from the outside, cleaning the trash cans, washing ceramics, washing the sink and its dishes, washing and polishing the cooker.

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