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Who Are We

Clear Horizon is one of the best companies that provide trained labor at the highest level in cleaning work and many other areas such as pest control or security services, as it makes many efforts to provide its customers with a service at a high level of quality by using modern technologies that help in the speed and quality of cleanliness at the lowest costs and also uses safe materials authorized for health and also not harmful to the floor and parquet that needs custom materials 

Clear Horizon Cleaning Services has worked with companies, schools, and community members to provide solutions for services Professional cleaning in Abu Dhabi 

We offer many cleaning options to earn your trust whether you need residential cleaning, facilities, babysitting or commercial cleaning solutions for your workplace. 

We have a team of respected cleaners specialized in various cleaning services in order to keep your belongings clean and tidy to the fullest as you like to always be.

Our cleaning experts

We don't stop cleaning alone; our general maintenance services are a testament to our commitment to providing comprehensive care for your space. Our highly skilled staff possesses a wealth of experience and skill, ensuring the highest quality of maintenance services. Whether it's fixing electrical issues, plumbing problems or any other general maintenance tasks, our team is well equipped to handle it all with maximum efficiency.

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